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Until last Fri., I was pleased w/Citi.However, recently my car (which I used as collateral on a debt consolidation loan) was involved in an accident.

The insurance company deemed it a total loss, only because the cost of repairs was more than the blue book value, fine.

However, when I took the title to them, and they saw Citi as a lien holder, they contacted them to explain what was going on and asked how to handle, can you believe the branch manager said he didn't know & had to check on it.

I am not in default, why should they get anything?Still no answer.


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they will get the check because the check is the value of the car .the value of the car will be used to reduce the balance.

essentialy the remaining balance will be unsecured. now watch and see if they ask you for replacement collateral.

i worked for them for 9 years.played that game before!!!

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