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My account was two months behind due to hurricane katrina,carmen and other problems attached to it. I recieved a few calls concerning the late payments, but no mention of repossession was made in any of the calls. I brought my account up-to-date and in good standing and even a month ahead in payments.

The very next statement they added a $80.00 repossession fee. Problem is my car was never even repossessed. I tried for months to have the fraudulent charges removed with no success.

I was passed from rep to rep with no contact with a manager all I got was voicemail with each attempt to speak to management. This went on for months I will also write the company another letter and will gladly print a retraction letter, if they correct their mistake. This is not a disgruntled letter just a disappointed one buyers BEWARE citifinancial auto just another ripoff. Consider yourself Warned.

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Potomac, Illinois, United States #23090

I don't know anything specifically about CitiFinance, but Finance companies can legally assess repo fees to your vehicle even if they did not repo but assigned the car for repo. They have to pay fees to have it assigned, which will be passed on to you.

They probably close out the repo when you paid the account current. In regards to not informing you about the repo in advance... from my experience formerly working for a auto finance company I know that hen customer's know that repo is a possibility, cars tend to disappear.

$80 sounds like a repo close fee, actual repo costs would have been closer to $300. Not likely that you are going to get out of it.

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