I had an account through CITI for a 6 month same as cash purchase for an appliance. My May statement was not received in the mail (for whatever reason)and I overlooked the payment to my account.

I received the June statement with a late fee of $39.00. I mailed in the total amount due to prevent any other penalties, but before this payment was received by CITI, I started receiving harrassing phone calls. I explained the situation to the first caller, who supposedly put the comments in the system.

I have received no less than 2 phone calls each day since then concerning this same issue. What is the problem with this company???

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That is Citi's way of doing things -- if you are a little late ONCE, you are on their Call Every Day Thru Eternity list! I have been struggling and I let the office that "owns" my loan know why I am paying more, paying a bit less, am later than usual.

My Hubby says thay don't care and don't read them -- I say they DO read them but ignore them, guess we are both right! I get at least 2 calls a day from Citi (of course, I don't pick up, that is what answering machines are for) and I am sick of it!! I will NEVER get another loan from them EVER!! I am farther behind now than when I took out the loan (for $5000) six years ago!!

I have paid almost $13000 back already and still owe another $3000!! I refinanced once(silly me!)when I lost my job and my head is spinning.


I am having problems with CITI also

but I beleive they have a poor communication problem. To many areas divided that do not relay the information

to the next area.

They have an area for everything and one area has permission to discuss late fees but not take them off when in error. You have to go to another area and the cycle begins.

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