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Unfortunately for me, same story. I have a long standing history with Citi, 10 years plus.

All Citi Flex Lines were closed by Citi which is fine, I do not have a problem with that. However, once closed I never got a statement. I called 2 days after my payment was due to inquire in Feb 2010. Immediately made the payment and they sent me a new statement which included a $49.00 late fee and an interest rate hike from 7.24% to 29.99%.

I wrote a letter kindly asking that they fix the mistake. I received a letter back stating that there is nothing they can do and that interest rates cannot be adjusted on closed accounts.

Unfortunately I feel that they are intentionally exercising these tactics especially after reading so many similar stories. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve and can only hope that someone puts a stop this.

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citiMortgage has no intention of really helping people with loan mod. The government has made it so easy for these companies and lawyers to get away with this injustice.

Who is standing up for the rights of the consumer. Who will be wiping the tears of home owners who have worked so hard and the government just standback and let these banks and lawyers take peoples home and the banks and lawyers are getting richer and the consumer credit and home has been stained and taken away - this is really insane. look at the number of cases. everyone knows 5-20 people who is going thru this process without a favorable outcome.

God we need a miracle for the injustice imposed on mankind is awful. Help us Dear God!


citmortgage is a crook just like the other mortgage companies preying on individuals with false promises. I rcd my foreclosure letter although I have been making my payments on time.

I was solicited in to the loan mod pogram.

Then denied and now citi has requested over $70K or foreclosure. Our political powers to be are aware what is going on and just standing by without imposing stoppage to this nonesense

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